Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Best Friends Are Way Better in Person

So this post has been a seriously long time coming, seeing as it has been waiting since June to be posted. HOWEVER, I wanted to post it after my birthday one, and after another, but that one I haven't written yet, so... here's this one. :D

I got to see the BFF (otherwise known as Katie. My roommate, also Katie, will henceforth be distinguished as KT on this blog, so as not to confuse the two) at the end of June for an amazing week of best friend bonding time.

We had an absolute blast, and I got to show her around campus and properly introduce her to Provo, Utah.

We also went up to Logan for the weekend to visit my Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle and Cousins.
My lovely Aunt took some pictures of the two of us, because we've come to realize that we don't really have a whole lot, and definitely needed some more updated ones.

So, now you get to see some of my favorites. :D

We are incapable of keeping straight faces.

Cheesy adorable hugging faces.

If we were getting married, this would be our engagement picture.

We actually discussed this while we were taking the pictures -- and then had a debate about who would change their last name. We just decided it'd be best to hyphenate and then end up with switched last names. We're weird. It's okay.

This series is supposedly my "sassy goddess" personality. I love how awkward Katie is. She has no idea what I'm doing.

We are also juvenile. So what?

Can you see our tonsils? Once upon a time Katie took a picture of me in which you could see my tonsils and basically all the way down my esophagus. We thought that re-creating it would be completely normal.

We're awesome legendary.

Loving you and missing you everyday Katie!! :D

Live. Laugh. Photograph. 
(Cause you always wanna remember the awesome moments of life!)

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