My Best Friend

So I have a Best Friend.
And she deserves her own page.

Now, you may think "Oh, everyone has a best friend, big whoop!"

But you have no idea.

I have a Best Friend.

Not a Biffle
Not a BFF
Not a really really good friend who is who you hang out with the most out of all of your friends.

This is the girl who for ten years has stuck with me through thick and thin, who has been more understanding and accepting of me and my faults (and trust me, there are many). Who has been more forgiving, more understanding, more hilarious, more fun, and more of everything, than any other friend I 've ever had.

We met in elementary school, in the third grade, when I transferred schools. I was put into her class, and on the first day, we were all asked to line up by class in the huge courtyard behind the school. I had no idea which class was mine, but my mom told me to stand by a particular line and then left. I looked at my new classmates, and had no idea how to approach them, so I stood to the side and waited, acting all shy and such (and I'm not a shy person, no one would ever describe me as such, so you can tell it was a weird day for me...).

A minute later a girl came up to me, stuck out her hand and said "Hi! I'm *K! And this is *C!". She was pointing to the girl standing right behind her, who looked upset at being dragged over by K.

She had long blond/brownish hair, freckles all over her face, bright green eyes, and most importantly, a big welcoming smile on her face. 

I was a little freaked out actually. I hadn't expected this at all, but in my third grade mind, I figured, why not? At least I won't be all alone!

And thus began a long and beautiful bestfriendship!

note: upon reflecting together a while back, we both realized us meeting that day was a fluke. She only came up and said hi to me because I, too had freckles and blond hair. As did C. We were in a Spanish bilingual class, meaning most of our classmates were Dominican, Puerto Rican or Mexican, and she was excited to have some more freckles around. Later we all realized we were also all left-handed. We were quite a trio I do have to say....

After elementary school, K and I stayed very close, despite K going to a different school from C and I. Before long K and I had figured out how to be best friends without having to see each other every day, or even every week. By high school we were on opposite ends of the city on a daily basis, and we could go months without seeing each other and still manage to get together and pick up right where we left off.

Now we'll be going to school on opposite sides of the country, right as we celebrate ten years of friendship, but we know that no distance will make a difference. We're best friends for life, and I'm not looking to trade her out. Not even for a million dollars!

But maybe a billion! ;)

*I shortened their names cause I don't want to mess with the whole privacy-over-the-internet issue...

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