Monday, July 16, 2012

Meet "The Life of an Angsty Photographer"!

Hello to the few people that will ever read this blog!

Nice to meet you! 
I'm Elizabeth. I'm nearly 18, about to embark on a crazy adventure that today we call "College".

I've lived in Manhattan, New York my entire life and I'm taking the plunge into adult life. In about two weeks I will be moving... (wait lemme check google maps!) ....2,190 miles away to the little town of Provo, UT, where I will be attending Brigham Young University this fall.

(Well, I guess I should say, Provo really isn't that small. It's just small for me I guess, Manhattan is a rather big place, even though its only 11 miles long.)

But I digress....

So I decided that there couldn't possibly be a better way of sharing the ups and downs and craziness of this change in my life better than through the world wide web (I don't do well with Journals you see...), where everyone can see it! 

To be honest, I never thought that I would be a blogger. I love to read them, and trust me, you'll see plenty of links posted here soon, I have too many bookmarked to count...
But, I figured, huh? Why not? It's one of those, "what can you lose?" situations. 

So I ask you, read. enjoy. laugh. share. and most importantly, love. 
I hope you enjoy the stories, the photographs, and the lessons learned that come from the experiences of a new college student and an angsty photographer.

Live. Laugh. Photograph.

A scene of a little canal in Venice, Italy. Taken by yours truly ;)