Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcome to BYU!

So, it's sort of been a long time since I've written any posts. Whoops! Didn't mean that! I guess I'm not the best at this... so bear with me. Please :D

So since I last posted, in July, things have gotten crazy.
I'll go through it pretty simply.

1. I packed. I packed up everything I owned (well...maybe not everything but most of it) into four suitcases and took it out to Utah. It was such a bizarre feeling, seeing all of my stuff and trying to imagine where I'd be by the end of August.

2. I had a birthday! YAY! Yes, I know, I'm being rather self-centered here, but isn't that the purpose of a blog anyway? To talk about ourselves?... Anyway, I turned 18, which means that I'm officially "legal"... hehe, yea. So, I'm an adult now, so I guess I have to act like one? I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen anytime soon. Oh well.

3. I visited my amazing family in Utah. Got to see my newest baby cousin this summer, and she's pretty freakin adorable! (see below for an awesome picture!)

4. I moved into my dorm. I got all my stuff! I've got food! I've got a TV! I've got an awesome chair! I've got awesome roomates! Things just don't get better than this! :D

5. I got a new computer. 13in MacBook Pro... oh it is my life! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It even needed its own number, it just doesn't deserve to get crowded in with other stuff, cause it's so awesome!

6. I started classes. Weird stuff this is. My American Heritage class has as many people in it as half of my grade at Bronx Science. What? How can there be 400 people in a class?
And just so you all can be overly informed with my life, I'm taking American Heritage (History), Introduction to Film (LOVE IT), Drawing (I'm SO bad at it.), Two-Dimensional Design (It's basically the same as drawing... so far.), Freshman Seminar (its some sort of art thing), and Book of Mormon 1 (yea, yea, laugh all you want. It's a Mormon University, of course they require religion classes!)

7. I miss NYC like crazy.

So there you go, a general update on life.

Looking forward to taking some amazing pictures of beautiful Utah, and I hope to update you all on the goings on of BYU over the next semester.

Always remember to live, laugh, photograph!

Ain't she just darlin!