Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Because I haven't had much time...

Here's my life as of recent in photos. Mostly from Instagram and Facebook, so you've probably seen them, but whatever. I'm being lazy.

I got a haircut. My hair is short and blunt and I really can't wait till it grows out.

I've decided I need to do this ridiculously often.

New life motto.

My phone seriously thinks I have problems.

I waste too much time watching movies.

Jenny has concluded that the outside is awesome, but children are scary.

I have really really adorable cousins.

Bonus of spending so much time with them: Getting to love their cute faces and personalities every freakin' day.
Super Duper Bonus of spending so much time with them: When they get to be too much I realize how NOT ready I am for kids. Birth control at its finest people.

This conversation.

My mother is the best.

My birthday is on Saturday. I'm going to be 19. I'm sorta freaking out.

Also, I go back to NYC on Friday. Super super super ridiculously excited. 

Life is pretty good. Considering.

Live. Laugh. Photograph.

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